Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wrestling Reality: MAJOR NEWS: Heat on Tommy Dreamer

Formerly ECW superstar and now WWE and OVW
agent Tommy Dreamer allegedly told CM Punk that
he could work ROH's
date last Sat. with the conditions of he couldn't be
advertised, he couldn't job, he couldn't wrestle or be
involved with anyone from TNA, and it could only be a
one time thing. From there Dreamer left to do an indie
date in England. He didn't tell anyone else in WWE
that he gave Punk permission including Johnny Ace.

The situation "exploded" at Raw on Monday. Vince and
Steph went up to Ace and gave him a bunch of heat
asking him why he let a member of WWE appear on a show
with "so many TNA stars". Even though a lot of the
wrestlers by this time knew that Punk did the ROH show
(as well as it being on the net), Ace was said to be
"blindsided" by the McMahon's approach. All the heat
then went to Punk and he told them Dreamer approved of
it, so then Dreamer got the final heat. According to
sources, guys like HHH, HBK, Hayes, and even Arn
Anderson have been all over Punk about his work rate.
Anderson goes along with HHH and says that Punk
"copies" a lot of popular moves from Japan. The
feeling is Punk's relationship with Maria "doesn't
help matters".

Monday, February 20, 2006

Wrestling Reality #30 with DR. Mike Lano

Wrestling Reality #30 Show dedicated to the late Johnny Grunge of The Public Enemy tag team and revolutionary wrestling newsletter editor Ron Dobratz who both passed in the last few days...discussion of the important MTV Wrestling Society X tapings Dr Mike was the photographer for...Simon Inoki/WWE...No Way Out predictions and thumbs up to last week's TNA ppv(Christian Cage Captures Crown) to best utilize DirecTV(Puerto Rican WWC wrestling coming to Dish Network) and Comcast DVR's...wrestling on satellite radio. Tim White weekly suicide angle not funny. Pride on Fox Network...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wrestling Reality #29 with DR. Mike Lano

Wrestling Reality #29 - MTV, Jack Black. Nacho Libre movie. Big MMA discussion of the huge!! Shamrock-Gracie card at San Jose's HP SharkTank Arena this month preceding UFC's debut in California! . Frank Shamrock. Fury over WWE using Eddie Guerrero story line on show. Rey Mysterio to be screwed over for WM 22. Wrestlemania main events will be HHH vs. John Cena and Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton. Taz and Cole show. TNA moving to Primetime on Thursday. Hulk Hogan farting on mic during Bubba the love sponge show. "Who gayer than Kanyon?" He comes out of the closet and announces he's gay. Vince Macmahon allegedly gropes a tanning salon worker. Stacey Keebler on the cover of Stuff magazine and much more.

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More on the main story:

Jack Black is one of today's most well know comedic actors worldwide, with major motion picture hits like the new King Kong, Shallow Hal and School of Rock just to name a few. He's guest-hosted Saturday Night Live, had his own Tenacious D music and comedy tv shows on HBO, Comedy Central and MTV networks and because of his additional musical talents, has been a repeat MTV TRL guest host and been a host on various cable and network awards shows like the VH1 Fashion Awards. And when he signed on as the principle/lead to do the pro wrestling movie "Nacho Libre", he was sent to train to best appear to be a professional wrestler at Southern California's Ultimate University which was formerly a WWE developmental farm system as the base of the UPW promotion. Many of today's top stars from Chris Danials, Frankie Kazarian, The Ballard Twins, Samoa Joe, Victoria, Jesus Aguilar and others have either had their full training at UPW or finessed most of their wrestling career there. Even though the film concerns itself with lucha libre Mexican wrestling, it will obviously be in English and will have some famous co-stars and is expected to be a fall big grossing hit by studio executives. It's hoped in the wrestling community it makes wrestling cool again to the general public.

The Nacho Libre movie is based on the famous 1980’s luchador wrestling priest, Father Fray Tormenta. Tormenta was a priest in Mexico who began to wrestle to earn money to keep his orphanage open. Jack Black plays the luchador Tormenta and is learning the craft of professional wrestling. This movie and it's producers promise to show respect to the business professional wrestling, unlike too many other wrestling movies in the past like "Ready to Rumble" which made wrestling fans appear to be complete goofs.

UPW's Rick Bassman and Tom Howard are heading up this project to make sure that the wrestling is taken seriously. Tom Howard, the current UPW Heavyweight Champion, has personally been training Jack for the role in between his many Mixed Martial Arts and pro wrestling indie dates around the world. Howard recently won a big King of the Cage MMA event and still competes in both pro wrestling and MMA in Japan and Europe. Black has been said to have trained over two months, under the head trainer of Ultimate University and is making great strides. “Jack is taking this very seriously and is showing some potential to be a great wrestler." Who knows, maybe we will see Jack Black in UPW someday!” said Rick Bassman. Well, probably not as Black has more movie projects to film with Drew Barrymore and Wynona Ryder.

Several Southern California UPW stars will have cameos in the film itself, including Predator and Human Tornado. And we're told fresh off their hit appearances in Comedy Central's Distracted possible appearances by Chris "Curry Man" Danials, Samoa Joe and Frankie Kazarian(all SoCal residents). Older NWA and WCW fans will rejoice in seeing Beautiful Bobby Eaton who will also have a cameo in the fmovie, playing a wrestler as well. “We are glad we can provide opportunities like this for our in-house UPW superstars,” Bassman said. “These guys are going to be featured in a major feature film, and what looks to be a huge movie at that.” Wrestling fans typically help make the projected numbers for The Rock's films and this should be no different, particularly since the subject matter is actually serious wrestling treated with dignity.

Filming for Nacho Libre already began in Mexico. I'll have more, particularly on the scenes filmed in Mexico City's Lucha Libre famous wrestling museum that hopefully will be included in the movie all wrestling fans should love.