Sunday, January 29, 2006

WRESTLING REALITY #28 w/ Dr. Mike Lano

WRESTLING REALITY #28 Another "Roller Derby and More" Jim Fitzpatrick(author and historian and it's available directly from Jim at and was published by Trafford Press) and JJ Dillon's book (available from plugs, further media exposure of kfabe and carny on the Bubba the Love Sponge Sirius show plus XM's Ron and Fez and Opie and Anthony shows, WWE look at tomorrow's Royal Rumble ppv(any good matchups there?) and the deaths of El Tejano and Black Cat and their impacts on the biz were discussed by Dr Mike. Plus a look at the MTV-Kevin Kleinrock venture, the upcoming MMA show in San Jose featuring a Shamrock vs a Gracie and lots more. A fond look back at jobbers, particularly in 60's and 70's California.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

WRESTLING REALITY #27 with Dr. MIke Lano

WRESTLING REALITY #27 More on Steph McM's (McMahon) and Shane's wife(Marisa's) pregnanies, Lita's boob and Stacy Kiebler on 'net's "Most Searched" list and garnering the Weep's best media, Smackdown and Raw good shows, More on Batista's surgery, Stacy Kiebler stole the entire Best Damn Show, Roller Derby book, Jerry Jarrett takes a page from Fred Blassie's salt mine books with that giant! In other freak-show news, Weep signee Giant Dhalip Singh the guy who accidentally killed wrestling student Brian Ong; a Shamrock vs a Gracie in San Jose!

Other news:
--Ultimate Warrior, whose legal name, believe it or
not, is now Warrior(formerly Jim Helwig, porn actor and chiropractor). "Warrior" according to court papers, has additionally filed a lawsuit against WWE and Vince & Linda McMahon
regarding the content of the "Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior" DVD.

--TNA Impact on Saturday night did a 0.8 rating,
basically its average

--Tickets go on sale today at 10 a.m. for TNA's
first house show on 3/17 in Plymouth, MI at

--With WWE coming to Mexico City tonight, the oldest promotion in the world: EMLL aka
CMLL has added a Perros Del Mal autograph session at 6
p.m. before its card tomorrow night at Arena Mexico.
There is definite worry that the first WWE show ever
in Mexico will put a dent in attendance for the first
Arena Mexico event of the year.

In my newspaper column poll, readers said they've enjoyed the latest Smackdown and Raw shows far more than any in months.

*K-1 sent out a press release today for what they are
billing as the first MMA event ever in California,
headlined by Frank Shamrock vs. Cesar Gracie on 3/10
at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. Also listed on the
show is the MMA debut of Cung Le and matches with
former UFC fighters Eugene Jackson and Josh Thompson.
Frank Shamrock, in his best pro wrestling heel
persona, said, "This guy came out and challenged me,
hid behind his name, hid behind his students, and now,
I'm finally gonna get a crack at him. I've always
wanted to fight a Gracie and they've always ran from
me, but suddenly, this one's gone nuts so I'm gonna
take care of him." This fight, postponed on several
occasions, is now officially approved by the state
athletic commission and tickets go on sale Saturday at

Monday, January 16, 2006

Wrestling Reality # 26 - Roller Derby, Vince Russo Book...

Wrestling Reality # 26 Recap of Jimmy Valiant interview the night before, more plugs for Jim Fitzpatrick's Roller Derby and More Book, Vince Russo's new book; Stacy Kiebler stealing Dancing with the Stars and it'll be Bye Bye "E" if she wins it as ABC will create shows for this star, Stephanie Mac preggers, Rena still old, Lita's a boob on the farcical sex Raw romp. Review of "Hell in an Elimination Chamber" ppv and preview of TNA ppv this weekend.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wrestling Reality - Jimmy Valiant Interview 2006

Wrestling Reality Special - Dr. Mike Lano interviews professional wrestling legend, handsome Jimmy Valiant. They talk about everything including the Boogie Woogie mans new book Woo Mercy Daddy! The book is available here!

WRESTLING REALITY # 25 with Dr. Mike

WRESTLING REALITY # 25 - "Apologies. Problems with our rss feed server kept this cast from being delivered on time. - Discussion on the propaganda machine going full tilt on RAW overseas, Jimmy Valiant's great new book "Whoa Daddy, Have Mercy" available at, injury report, did Jack Brisco deck Carlito Colon, Tim White sick angle, Sting in TNA and more.
In February 2004, Guerrero became the second wrestler of Hispanic heritage(Pedro of course the first) to be WWE champion when he defeated Lesnar, a former University of Minnesota wrestling standout. Guerrero lost the title four months later which was roundly booed backstage..
In May 2004, UPN aired the Weep's(and man, are we doing that now) special "Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story." The one-hour program chronicled his childhood and his struggle with drug addiction that nearly cost him his job, family and life before his recovery and eventual gain of the WWE championship although we all groaned when the belt was taken off him far too soon, and given to a stooge like JBL.