Wednesday, September 28, 2005

(Pro) Wrestling Reality #12

(Pro) Wrestling Reality #11

Thursday, September 08, 2005

(Pro) Wrestling Reality #10 - Mick Foley, Smackdown's move, New England Championship Wrestling, Tolos Brothers, NWA TNA...

Wrestling Reality Show 010
Wrestling Reality number 10 - How you can help with Hurricane Katrina. Emails. WWE 24/7. Mick Foley and Scooter. Tietam Brown. Smackdown's move to Friday. Is it the end for Smackdown on UPN? Fox Sports Net en espanol. Why does WWE continue to blow numbers out of proportion. The new WWE replica spinning belt will sell for big bucks. Dr. Mike's movie picks. Ron and Fez coming to XM radio. The doc plugs MAACP for satellite too. Mention Dr. Mike at an upcoming New England Championship Wrestling venue and get in free. Listen for details. Chris and John Tolos. A new wrestling magazine? and much more!

Pro Wrestling Reality #9 - Hurricane Katrina. The Hatfields. Mick Foley, Dudleys...

Wrestling Reality Show 009

Wrestling Reality number 9 - Hurricane Katrina. The Hatfields. Mick Foley re-signs with WWE. Wrestling Reunion 2 recap. Tammy Sytch makes a scene at the reunion. The Dudleys are now Team 3D. Bruno finally gets in a ring and throws a punch. JJ Dillan and much more.

(Pro) Wrestling Reality #8 - Shinya Hashimoto, New Japan, WWE, NWA TNA and more.

(Pro) Wrestling Reality #8
Looking back on Shinya Hashimoto and other Japanese Wrestling. Zero One, Shaun Michaels gives a great performance and the best promo ever. Hulk Hogan bitches about facing Kurt Angle. More Earl & Brian Hebner stuff. WWE stock quotes. More about Wrestling Reunion 2. Ring of Honor and TNA wrestlers spotlighted. New wrestling toys. Buff Bagwell speaks about the drugs that are being used by wrestlers and other behind the scene news. Dominic on a stick and much more.