Thursday, August 11, 2005

(Pro) Wrestling Reality #7 - Bret Hart, St. Louis wrestling, Dusty Rhodes, Midnight Express, Funk Brothers and more.

Wrestling Reality number 7 - Bret Hart once again works with WWE. Find out why? Rumors have it that Vince has bought up Larry Matysik's St. Louis wrestling footage. Bret's new autobiography. Dusty Rhodes coming back to WWE? Bruno Sammartino. More about Wrestling Reunion in Valley Forge, PA. Events scheduled include Mick Foley and the Funk Brothers against the original Midnight Express with Jim Cornette. Wrestlemania 23. HHH should be back after Summer Slam. Matt Hardy does a job for a friend before his WWE return. Dr. Mike needs a favor. tape TNA on the sunshine network for him this Friday. Hogan continues to lie. Sting and much more.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

(Pro) Wrestling Reality Show #6 - - WWE ROH Deep South Wrestling

Wrestling Reality Show #6

(Professional) Wrestling Reality number 6 - Brock Lesner pulls out of WWE negotiations... or does he? Matt Striker (not ROH) regulars on raw. A glut of wretling books but not enough magazines. Wrestling reunion 2 with Bruno Sammartino, Stan Hanson, DDP, Larry Zbyszko. Rob Schneider and more about the worthless Diva competition. M&M, Animal, Road Warriors. Deep South Wrestling. Jim Cornette out. Paul Heyman in. Michael Shaun. Shawn Davari and much more. The official site for this and other podcasts is