Thursday, July 28, 2005

(Pro) Wrestling Reality - Lord Alfred Hayes. Hooker Shooter Shawn Michaels NWA TNA...

Wrestling Reality Show # 5 - Lord Alfred Hayes. Hooker Shooter. Could the Shawn Michaels Hulk Hogan fued be a partial shoot? Hogan knows best is just an attempt to push Brooke. The Grappler asks about Brock Lesner and a WWE future. JBL. The B still stands for Bully. WWE needs heels. The death of Muhammad Hassan, aka "the Middle Eastern Stallion" or the "Italian Mark" Earl Hebner and brother fired. Monday Night Gunsmoke. NWA - TNA will start in October as part of Spike TV's slammin Saturday night. The Iron Sheik. The Opie and Anthony show. Memories of Jake the snake vs. Barry Blaustein and much more. (This show is dedicated to the memory of Lord Alfred Hayes)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wrestling Reality - Matt Hardy, Muhammed Hassan, USWA, NWA - TNA, ROH & much more

Wrestling Reality number 4 includes discussuions about Jerry Jarrett's new book. The USWA. NWA - TNA. ROH, Ian Rotten and IWA. The APW wrongful death verdict. The Muhammed Hassan controversy fueled by UPN execs. Hassan reads excerpts from a New York Post article. Former ECW hardcores Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney appear at WWE house shows. BWO. Road Warriors DVD. Hogan knows best. MTV's stankervision. Listener letters. Has Matt Hardy blown his fan base by returning to WWE? (This show is dedicated to the memory of Freda Wright Source and Shinya Hashimoto) Dr. Mike's official site

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wrestling Reality - WWE, Hoagn, ECW, Brock Lesner Return?

Wrestling Reality number 3 shows Dr. Mike at his finest. Wrestle Reunion One. WWE dumps over a dozen super stars. Will Brock Lesner make a return? Will Matt Hardy be back. The death of WCW. The return of the Blue World Order. Ultimate Fight 53 results. The awful diva search. APW wrongful death trial. Larry Sharp puts people to sleep with his "expert witness" testimony. Plus he charged a bundle to appear at the trial. Gene Snitsky. Edge. JBL (long time bully) - Blue Meanie Shoot. Stone Cold Steve Austin puts over John Cena as being the next big money maker for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Wrestling Reality Show 002 - WWE, HULK HOGAN...

Wrestling Reality Show 002 - A WWE Press Release stretches the truth. The Raw / Smackdown draft Lottery is a scam. The Raw Diva search is all about Playboy and Promotions. Batista, Triple H news. Hogan Knows Best tie in with his appearance on RAW. Brooke Hogan. John Cena CD gives disappointing numbers. ECW DVD will hurt PPV buy rates plus it's censored and generic music has been entered in place of original themes. All this and much more! Got a question? Write or call the anti radio voicemail @ 206-888-2555